What should I do to prepare my skin for the tattoo?

While not a requirement, we recommend you give your skin a bit of extra attention in the weeks leading up to your tattoo. Tattoos will take much better on skin that’s in good condition, so start moisturizing now for a great experience!

Can I bring a friend to my appointment?

You are welcome to bring a friend with you, but please don’t invite the whole crew! We don’t have the space and you wouldn’t want to distract your artist from the task at hand.

Can I drink alcohol before getting my tattoo?

You may be tempted to have a drink before your session, but don’t do it! Alcohol can thin your blood, causing excessive bleeding during your session. It’s also wise to take it easy on the booze the night before your appointment.

Can I use numbing cream for my tattoo?

If you would like to use a numbing cream, it’s best to speak to your artist beforehand, as some prefer you don’t use them or will have a particular type they recommend.

Any tips for during the session?

We recommend bring a Gatorade or other sugary drink, especially if you have a long session planned, as it will help you keep your blood sugar levels elevated.